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The Preschool Program provides a nurturing and supportive setting designed for children ages three to five years old. Half day and full day options are available based on a child's social, emotional and educational needs. Our unique program offers a language enriched environment, individualized multi-sensory curriculum and a total communication approach. Larc students enjoy state-of-the-art technology to expand their communication opportunities and explore their world in new ways. 


Related services include individualized and integrated speech, and occupational and physical therapy. By using innovative learning techniques, Larc’s program offers the latest in special education practices. Children also enjoy Adaptive Physical Education (APE), and music.

As an additional service to parents of pre-school children, team meetings are offered monthly. By bringing parents, teachers and therapists together to share new information and techniques, problem-solve, and answer questions, the link between home and school grows stronger creating a solid foundation for the child’s success.